Monday, 2 May 2011


           Tomorrow is not a day that I have been looking forward to.
           Some of you may know but I will tell you about it at any rate.  On the 1st of December last your, after 2 years of investigation, it was discovered that I have prostrate cancer and I have been told by many that it is the easiest of cancers to treat.   I believe that but the word "cancer" is still to me terrifying.   In the mean time it has also been discovered that I have heart problems with an irregular heart beat.
            Tomorrow I see a Specialist and my radium treatment for the prostrate begins.  My blood has been thinned to prevent any clots forming.  My body has been marked for the treatment and I am rather scared.   One of the medications is causing my vision to be out of focus.  I am having difficulty with focussing on the TV and I cannot read the words on the screen in church.
           I want to get back to my Blog as I have wrtten only a small part of my story, but I just cannot concentrate.  So this is hoping that I will feel much better after tomorrow and that my problems can be sorted out.
          In the meantime I have been watching the buds popping out in my aloe garden and they are promising me a nice show this year.   May be I can become like then as they don't seem to mind our lack of water.   Yes, P E still has severe water restrictions and we are still hoping for rain before winter.