Saturday, 4 February 2012

May 2011 – February 2012.

            It has been ten months since I wrote on my Blog; ten months of severe depression, treatments and worries!  I have had 37 Radium treatments, my heart has been shocked back into rhythm and lens implants in both eyes.  I have been in hospital a few times where everything has been checked.  I live on a handful of pills twice a day, but best of all is the fact that I am feeling very well.  I sleep well and eat too much so I am still overweight!!
            The year 2011 was the worst year of my life.  Having Cancer, even prostrate cancer, was a frightening thought.  The treatments lasted for about twelve minutes each but were very tiring at times and once a week they took x-rays.  Two months after my last treatment I had to see the Oncologist who said that he was 90% certain that I have been cured.
            I had to see the Cardiologist who put me in hospital to shock my heart back into rhythm.  I thought it would be something like what you see on TV but it was very gentle and done while you are given something to put you to sleep.  I am on Warfarin tablets to keep my blood thin and something else to slow down my heart rate.
            The urologist does a check up every six months on my prostrate and bladder and so far so good.  I will be seeing him again next month.  This has all been very costly but my Medical Aid paid for most of it.  I have an insurance policy which pays me for some of the treatment as well as for a stay in hospital for longer than three days.  This has been wonderful as up to date I have been able to settle all my accounts.
            With a routine medical check-up it was discovered that I had developed cataracts in both eyes and needed lens implants, so this was done and I now only need reading glasses.  I had been wearing spectacles since my early twenties.  What a joy!  Yvonne sees that I take the right medicines every day and I love her for this.  I could not live without her!!
            My garden is full of aloes and succulents so there is very little to do but I do have a nice vegetable garden.  I have sold my Budgies, so now I do not have that worry.  I bred them for about five years and they always had food, water, greens and shell grit.  Never went to bed hungry or thirsty!!  They repaid me with up to five babies in a nest.  I bred for colours so my baby Budgies were always in demand by the Pet shops.  I made a lot of money but it was hard work.

            Now let me get back to telling you stories from my childhood.
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  1. A very big welcome back dad, may 2012 be your best year yet!!!